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a fine writer.

I'm afraid I won't be able to cover all the expenses when this bill matures.

I want a mature and meaningful relationship.

Mature apple trees are typically 20 feet tall.

The human brain isn't fully mature until about age.

Wine and cheese mature with age.

His parents didn't think he was mature enough to live on his own.

He wants to prove just how much he has matured both as a player and as a man.

Age matures a good wine.

This child impressed me as unusually mature.

Malc wasn't mature enough to resist the lure of drink and drugs.

Her talent is maturing slowly.

As the fish matures, its colours and patternings change.

We're mature enough to disagree on this issue but still respect each other.

Girls mature earlier than boys both physically and mentally.

His mature work reveals a deep sense of enjoyment of nature.

On mature reflection we have decided to decline their offer.

These bonds mature in 2005.

The bond matures in 10 years.

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