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companies have been engaged in a fierce battle to attract customers to new software applications that allow people to call and pay for taxis with their cellphones offering big discounts and rebates for using their service.

The competition, the driver observed to a passenger, was making everybody better off; the Internet companies were unwittingly demonstrating the "advantages of the two-party system.".

The passenger posted the comment on social media last month, and netizens soon took up the theme.

"This taxi-calling software, if the government doesn't ban it, it will make everyone understand why the two-party system is good posted a user called Qiubochun Benjamin on the Sina Weibo microblogging service.

In the past few years, the Internet in China had become a vehicle for expanding comment, chat and connectivity.

But more recently, the government of President Xi Jinping has clamped down on dissent, censored the Internet and arrested prominent critics, causing the space for free expression to shrink.

Yet that does not mean the power of the Internet to subvert the existing order has entirely disappeared; indeed, as French author Renaud de Spens argues, it is still promoting values inimical to China's one-party dictatorship ideas of choice, competition and customer service.

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