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Yahoos False Prophet: How Marissa Mayer Failed to Turn the Company Around, Variety.

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Dressed ilue polka-DOT oxford AND striped reebok sneakers, James Dyson abruptly veers off a paved path that cuts through his company's 56-acre compound.

The beanpole-thin 69-year-old billionaire pushes his way into some shrubbery and presses his nose right up to the reflective glass that encases his new, top-secret laboratory, a sleek two-story cube that looks like it was beamed directly from Santa Clara to the Cotswolds.

To his delight, he can't make out what his engineers are doing inside.

"I hope they are working he says, chuckling.

In reality, it's move-in day at this brand-new 200-million-plus research facility, and on the other side of the glass dozens of young engineers are unpacking their gear and settling into their quarters.

Their job at D9, as the building is cryptically known, is to experiment fearlessly, fail constantly and document those failures in company-issued black-and-yellow notebooks, which form the basis for still more experiments, still more failures-and also a corporate sideline in patent litigation.

Very rarely this unending cycle of failure results in a revolutionary new product: the bagless vacuum cleaner (5 years, 5,127 prototypes the 360 Eye robot (17 years, 1,000-plus prototypes) and the Supersonic hair dryer (4 years, 600 prototypes).

But those successes add up: Dyson's 58 products generated.4 billion in sales last year and an estimated 340 million in net profits, even after Dyson reinvested 46 of the company's Ebitda in R D, more than rivals such as Electrolux and Techtronic.

Dyson owns 100 of the company, which is worth some.8 billion.

D9, left, is the top-secret research lab where the next 20 years of Dyson innovations will be born.

Its design is simple, blending into the bucoloic English countryside.

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