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Red tube mom
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PHP based API wrapper for, redtube http API.

All methods except getStarDetailedList are supported.

This method at the time of writing always ends with.

There are no stars!

Installation composer require realshadow/redtube-api, usage, every method returns either a concrete object representing the response or collection of objects.

Methods used for filtering videos return a Paginator object which contains all videos and basic informating about paging (current page, total count, last page, etc.).

Create new API client (default host points to m) redtube new RealshadowRedtubeRedtube; * Get all categories * * @return Collection Category * Get all stars * * @return Collection Star * Get all tags * * @return Collection.

You can use one of three enumerators to ease filtering - Period, OrderBy, Thumbsize.

Note: Redtube does not use traditional limit/offset queries but filtering by page.

Each page contains 20 results.

For example filter VideoFilter:create - page(1) - search lesbian - tags blonde - stars Jenna Jameson - thumbsize(Thumbsize:BIG) - period(Period:ALL_time) - orderBy(OrderBy:rating videos Get all active / deleted videos.

If you want to retrieve more than one page (more than 20 videos) at once you can use these methods * Find all videos up to 10th page * * @return Generator 10 * Find deleted videos.

So the full usage example would be foreach 10) as videos) @var IlluminateSupportCollection videos videos- each(function (Video video) / rest of the code Exceptions All of the error codes listed in documentation are transformed into PHP exceptions by using this mapping.

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